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Art of Mackin' / Ghetto Dynasty

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Art of Mackin' / Ghetto Dynasty

  1. Integrity in the Game
  2. Intro Freestyle
  3. Get Yo Cash On
  4. Respect for the Game
  5. What Up Cuz
  6. Staying Game Motivated
  7. When My Pistol Goes
  8. Different Types of Hoes
  9. Los Angeles
  10. Confidence in Your Game
  11. Wash Yo Ass
  12. Bringing Things to the Table
  13. L.A. Playas
  14. Teaching Hoes Game
  15. The Original Flex
  16. Using Logic, Not Ego
  17. Swerve On
  18. Basic Rules of the Game
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  • Doug Aldrich


  • Ghetto Dynasty

Release data

Rattlesnake Venom

  • Jun-12-2001 USA

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