Good to be Bad / Whitesnake

Good to be Bad

Good to be Bad

  1. Best Years
  2. Can You Hear The Wind Blow
  3. Call On Me
  4. All I Want All I Need
  5. Good To Be Bad
  6. All For Love
  7. Summer Rain
  8. Lay Down Your Love
  9. A Fool In Love
  10. Got What You Need
  11. 'Til The End Of Time

Sound Samples: SPV Widget, Warner Music Japan

2LP/Vinyl: Bonus Tracks


  1. Take me with you (live version)

Japanese issue: Bonus Tracks

First Limited Edition:Original T-shirt

  1. All For Love (Doug Aldrich Guitar Solo)
  2. Summer Rain (acoustic version)
  • First Limited Edition: with Sticker, Original T-shirt (application)

SPV Limited Edition: Bonus CD (cardboard sleeve)

SPV Limited Edition

  1. Summer Rain (acoustic version)
  2. All I Want All I Need (radio edit)
  3. Take Me With You (live version)
  4. Ready To Rock (enhanced video)
  • with Jewel case CD, Bonus CD in cardboard sleeve, poster, photocard and sticker

US/Canada Special Ed.: Bonus CD

  1. Burn-Stormbringer (live version)
  2. Give Me all Your Love Tonight (live version)
  3. Walking In The Shadow.... (live version)
  4. The Deeper The Love (live version)
  5. Ready & Willing (live version)
  6. Don't Break My Heart Again (live version)
  7. Take Me with You (live version)
  8. Ready To Rock (enhanced video)

Release data

Whitesnake Widget

  • SPV-98130(Ltd.)
  • SPV-98132(CD)
  • SPV-98131(LP)

Warner Music Japan Whitesnake


  • David Coverdale .. Vocals
  • Doug Aldrich ..... Guitar
  • Reb Beach ........ Guitar
  • Uriah Duffy ...... Bass
  • Timothy Drury .... Keyboards
  • Chris Frazier .... Drums


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[3] Cami

At last, someone comes up with the "right" anwesr!
web mail Wed Jun 22, 11 12:45am

[2] Darcie

It never comes out of my CD player in the car and it is loaded on my IPOD. This album rocks so hard. It has been years since I heard anything this good!!!
mail Mon May 19, 08 04:29pm

[1] Blue Charvel

I love this, I really do... a lot! I'm on my third listen and honestly I think it's a great blend of the bluesy 'snake, and the 1987 and onward. Aldrich is a smokin' player, one of my favorite players, I love everything he's done. The thing I like about him with Whitesnake is he can really write the bluesy "Ready and Willing" era style songs, and then he can play like Sykes so you get some great old school style songs played with all the power and passion of an 80's guitar whiz.

If I hadn't received the new Dokken and Def Lep at the same time, this would not have left my player at all.
web mail Mon May 19, 08 10:23am

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