Live... In The Shadow Of The Blues / Whitesnake

Live... In The Shadow Of The Blues

Live... in the Shodow of the Bluse


  1. Bad Boys
  2. Slide It In
  3. Slow An' Easy
  4. Love Ain't No Stranger
  5. Judgement Day
  6. Is This Love
  7. Blues For Mylene
  8. Snake Dance
  9. Crying In The Rain
  10. Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City
  11. Fool For Your Loving
  12. Here I Go Again
  13. Still Of The Night


  1. Burn - Stormbringer - Burn
  2. Give Me All Your Love Tonight
  3. Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues
  4. The Deeper The Love
  5. Ready An` Willing
  6. Don`t Break My Heart Again
  7. Take Me With You
  8. Ready To Rock*
  9. If You Want Me - I'll Come Running*
  10. All I Want Is You*
  11. Dog*

* new studio recording

Bonustrack (Limited Edition)

  • Crying In The Rain (extended version with Tommy's Drum Solo)



  • David Coverdale .. Vocals
  • Tommy Aldridge ... Drums
  • Doug Aldrich ..... Guitar
  • Reb Beach ........ Guitar
  • Marco Mendoza .... Bass
  • Uriah Duffy ...... Bass
  • Timothy Drury .... Keyboards



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