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January 2009/2008: NAMM Show

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January 2009/2008: NAMM Show

2009 Hows NAMM going?

Namm was cool. I only went on Thursday and half day Friday. It was pretty busy so I only had a chance to say hi to the companies that have been helping me.

Namm is generally very crazy so its hard to see stuff which is why i go on thursday and fridays. Marshalls new MGss amp is really cool. Its a lower range amp for guys on a budget or newer guitarists. Really whish they had that in 1974.

John Suhr has a new blues amp that is incredable. And I played some of his new pedals that were great.

I went to Dunlop, Zamaitis, Fender, Gibson, Diamond, Engl, Tonepros, Moolon, Performance Guitar, and TC electronics. And maybe a few others. Gibson has a new Mike Bloomfield guitar that was cool.

Anyway, i saw a few friends including Timothy, Micky Dee and Uli John, but I left Namm before most of the people I knew arrived.

See ya, Doug


I was only able to get to Namm for a half day on Thursday as I had another trip out of LA early early Friday morning, and I didnt get to see Uriah, TD or Fraz, but I did get to see Reb which was great.

We hung out for a bit and then I got caught up at another booth.

Reb and I are really looking forward to getting back on stage and the road together. He is a truly gifted musician and I'm really happy to be working with him.


I was only able to get there on Sat. I was pretty crazed running to my appointments so I didnt get to see much. I went to mainly say hi to the companies that have been supportive but there were some great new products out there.

I met a bunch of friends and stuff. I think I remember who Terr/ Lightsnake might have been, but not sure as I might not have been introduced before. I did see Uriah for a bit and he was having fun.

I shoulda tried to get there on Friday so I could have hung out with people more, but just been in writing and demo mode.

I didnt get enough time there.... But Dean guitars has a newish gtr that was great..Its called a Soltero. Dunlop has some new pedals...a Buddy Guy Wah and a new Octavia.

Grover is back at Jackson....good news for them.

Martin Golub from Bradshaw has a new amp that is killer called Diamond Amps.

Mark Cameron is doing a new amp that will be cool for sure.

John Suhr has a new 18w amp that is cool.

Wish I could have gotten more time there, but saw some great sounding/looking stuff though.

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