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Dio Tour 2002 Reviews

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Killing The Dragon tour 2002

Killing The Dragon tour

001:barb eustaquio .. 12/03/2002 (Tue) 5:57 am
Doug is the most gorgeous man I have ever seen. I loved the concert and will go see them again if they come to Reno or Sacramento.
Great to watch the way he plays that guitar.


10.09.. Pyramids:Portsmouth UK

002:Marc Bone .. 12/02/2002 (Mon) 1:52 pm
Wow what a show! Ronnie was great as usual and not showing his age at all. But what we speciality went for was to see Doug. Just like at ZRock (well worth the 14 years wait!), he was amazing and on top form.
Sorry, Craig Goldie is good, but not this good.
I just hope we get to see Doug and the BR boys back over here soon?
001:Marc Bone .. 12/02/2002 (Mon) 1:17 pm
Great gig, Ronnie was on form as usual and at his age certainly put the youngsters to shame. But girlfriend and I really went for Doug Aldrich. Seen Doug before with BR at ZRock, something I spent 14 years waiting for, and Wow yet again he blow us away. Thats why he has always been one of my favoutite guitar players. And compared to the Dio tour the year before, sorry Craig, Doug wins!

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