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Whitesnake Tour 2003 Reviews

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Whitesnake 2003

Vote: How was the Show?

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*mmm...Nice Package Tour -USA-

001:RAY SOSA .. Mar/19/2003 (Wed) 2:04 pm

2.5.. Century Tell Center: Bossier City LA

001:kim .. Sep/30/2003 (Tue) 6:49 pm
I would like to know how to purchase tickets

2.8.. Alamodome: San Antonio TX

001:RAY SOSA .. Mar/19/2003 (Wed) 2:03 pm

2.15.. Mandalay Bay: Las Vegas NV

001:Yuki .. Mar/02/2003 (Sun) 7:16 am
I saw the Whitesnake shows in LV and LA. It was awesome!! Please check out my review on my site. Thanks.

2.22.. Universal Amp: Los Angeles CA

001:Yuki .. Mar/08/2003 (Sat) 10:58 pm
I added the photos from the Whitesnake tour on my site. Please check them out. Thanks.

3.14.. Bell Centre: Montreal QC CANADA

001:Anne-Marie .. May/07/2003 (Wed) 3:58 am
Montreal-Canada, March 14 - First, let's say I wasn't there for Whitesnake, I was there for the Scorpions. I don't really know Whitesnake (of course, Here I Go Again and Is it Love are well known). So it was maybe a bit difficult for them to come on stage and get my attention. The only thing I was waiting for was MY Scorpions.

I was first row in front of Doug. I knew Doug last summer with Dio in Gilford, NH. We talked a bit together and I saw him again in Montreal a week after at the concert they gave at the Medley. I found Doug really nice and calm, and let's say a bit mysterious, so I was happy to know he was going to be on this tour with Whitesnake. I could surely see him backstage.

During the first songs, I began to interact with Timothy Drury who was behind his keyboard. We began to smile at each other, waive and do funny faces. It was so cool! Doug on stage is electrifying. He is really into it. David plays with the crowd and has fun.
Unfortunately, the crowd in Montreal was not really into it. Looks like Montreal has the opportunity to see too many concerts... It's now hard to impress Montreal. That's bad.


3.16.. Colisee Pepsi: Quebec City QC CANADA

001:Anne-Marie .. May/07/2003 (Wed) 3:57 am
QuZbec City, Canada - March 16 - Really wanted to meet Timothy Drury backstage and see Doug again. I was backstage while Dokken was on stage and I was supposed to go to see the Scorps while Whitesnake was on stage but I really wanted to see Whitesnake play again. I was having 4th row tickets but on the other side of the stage. Slipped to the 4th row in front of Doug and Timothy and had fun again with Timothy who recognized me 10 seconds after I arrived in front of him. The crowd in Quebec City was unbelievable! It was all there. It was singing, waiving, screaming, name it. Whitesnake really stole my heart that night. I was there for the Scorpions in Montreal, I was there for Whitesnake in Quebec City. Because the crowd was so enthousiastic, it gave energy to the band and the band returned the energy to the crowd and so on. It was just great. Again, Doug was amazing, great and played like a master. People were looking at him with their mouth opened! And so was I!

After the concert, I had a nice little conversation with Doug and a glass of wine with Timothy while the Scorpions was on stage. Can you believe this? A Scorpions' fan not in the crowd while her favorite group is on stage, and instead talking with the guys of Whitesnake?? I really felt something really strange was going on! I met David who is just a clown and so nice also.

Rumors say Dio is supposed to tour with Iron Maiden this summer. I just hope they will pass by Montreal or around so I can go to see a terrific guitarist on stage again and maybe share a beer with a marvellous man, Doug.

See you there, hopefully!

4.5.. Konocti Field Amphitheater: Kelseyville CA

002:JIM CAPALDI .. Oct/10/2003 (Fri) 3:15 pm
I live in Los Angeles and drove up to Northern California with my wife and three children to see Doug play. Many years ago we rehearsed in the same rehersal hall. Just a couple months prior I saw Doug with Dio and he was awesome.
At that point i hadn't seen him in years. Probably just before he started Lion. When seeing Whitesnake in Northern California I was totally blown away. I was also looking forward to seeing Y & T, but they appeared to be off. It was an outdoor gig and freezing, i don't know how these guys pulled it off. Doug was kind enough to autograph my Les Paul.
My only regret was I didn't get a chance to say hello to Tommy. Rudy Sarzo had introduced me to Tommy, what a great guy and full of energy. All in all it was a great show. These guys are the best and they're there for a reason.
001:Rocman .. Apr/08/2003 (Tue) 3:01 am
video of Whitesnake at Konocti
check my site and watch the video Here


*Whitesnake Tour -EUROPE-

001:Dimiter Tanchev .. Oct/17/2003 (Fri) 9:41 am
it was the most wonderful expirience i've ever had. that concert was just something extraordinary. i still can't believe i was there. i will alway remember it.

25th Anniversary Greatest Hits Tour Japan 03

001:Harumi .. Sep/20/2003 (Sat) 6:26 am
GREAT!! I enjoyed very much!!
I saw the previous shows in Texas USA last February. Those were ausome too. But this one was better and more energetic!

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