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Whitesnake Tour 2004 Reviews

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2004 Whitesnake: Live...In The Still Of The Night - Europe

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Live...In The Still Of The Night - Europe

003:mike(therocker) .. Jan.24.2005 (Mon) 6:08 pm
Hey Thanks For Touring Uk We Were At Manchester Gig Wow U Rocked The Place Did David Like His Yorkshire Tea !!Rock Uk Soon!!
002:Dawn Irwin .. Dec.08.2004 (Wed) 5:29 am
Meeting up at Belfast airport, seeing Belfast show, backstage after Belfast show - what a night! Thanks Doug!
001:Bjrn .. Sep.21.2004 (Tue) 2:55 am
Came back on Saturday after driving from Oslo to G enborg in Sweden to see Whitesnake and mighty Doug live. The show was amazing, fantastic. Doug rules on guitar. We where 11 friends who went over from Norway to Sweden to see them.
That's pretty cool.
I hope that Doug will soon release a new Burning Rain album, and also that he will write new tunes with David Coverdale for a new Whitesnake album which we need these days.
All the best with the rest of the tour Doug. You are the best guitar player in the world.

Bj n from Norway

Sep-4 Europahalle: Karlsruhe, GERMANY

001:karin .. Sep.05.2004 (Sun) 11:53 pm
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! for this great show and the time you spent with us.

Sep-9 Podium: Hardenberg, HOLLAND

002:helga .. Sep.13.2004 (Mon) 9:05 am
It was the best concert of my life!! Thanks to you Doug!!
001:friede .. Sep.10.2004 (Fri) 8:48 am
Intimate and interactive (great location) with a superb musical performance of band and vocalist

Sep-12 Museumplatz: Bonn, GERMANY

001:Marco .. Sep.18.2004 (Sat) 0:21 pm
What an evening!!!

What a show!!!

IGll never forget how Doug cared about me!!!!!

Nov-6 Rigas Sporta Pils: Riga, LATVIA

001:signe .. Dec.04.2004 (Sat) 4:36 pm
Oh, God! Love, ya, love ya, love ya all!!!!!! It was the best concert in my whole life (ok, i'm only 13, but still...). They all rocked and that's it !!! We love ya guys... The best band in the universe....

Nov-10 Sport Palace: Minsk, BELARUSSIA

001:Sergei Karpovitch .. Nov.11.2004 (Thu) 10:53 am
The best show I have seeng in my live (46 sommers).
Thanks David! During this show I tried to give you some energy back!!! I hope you get it!

Nov-29 Apollo: Manchester, UK

001:louise kershaw .. Nov.30.2004 (Tue) 2:10 pm
I went to both gigs at the manchester apollo, the 29th gig i was right at the front on dougs side.
It was amazing, cant wait for the next one hope it's soon.
Thanks for a great night.

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