Doug Aldrich インタビュー 2007年

インタビュー 2007年

Gitarre & Bass

2007-02: オーディオインタビュー

DOUG ALDRICH & WHITESNAKE -Guitar Hero Superstar-

2007-02-01: インタビュー

David & Doug came over to Europe on last November to do a promotional tour supporting band's recently released "Live.. In The Shadow Of The Blues" live album. What made this promo tour extremely cool was the fact that in addition of doing tons of interviews Doug and David spoiled their fans with playing selected acoustic gigs and Swedenrock Rock kick off party in Stockholm was luckily one of those places. There are lot's of activity in Whitesnake camp and which is the most important thing is the news that band is currently working on brand new studio album, bands first in ten years, which should be released on next summer.... 続きを読む

La guitare sur Guitare Live

2007-01: インタビュー


2007-01-04: インタビュー

Marshall Amps

2007: Demo mp3s- Doug Aldrich and the Vintage Modern

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