Doug Aldrich インタビュー 2008年

インタビュー 2008年

Dinosaur Rock Guitar

2008-09-12 Interview

Dinosaur Rock Guitar would 2008-09

Doug and I finally got a chance to catch up, to talk about the new Whitesnake album, and life as a working Dino guitarist in 2008. Check it out, it's a good one.

2008-08 インタビュー podcast #34

Shockwaves/HardRadio podcast #34
The Guitar Masters Episode.
Interview with Whitesnake's newest axe-wielder Doug Aldrich


2008-07 インタビュー


Cuando quedan horas para que arranque el tour de WHITESNAKE por nuestro pa?s, publicamos esta entrevista telefonica con Doug Aldrich, uno de los dos guitarristas de la Serpiente Blanca... Leer m?s

If that quedan hours to start the tour by Whitesnake our country, we publish this telephone interview with Doug Aldrich, one of two guitarists of the White Snake ... 続きを読む

Guitar World Magazine

2008-06 Road Rash: ビデオ インタビュー

2008-06 ビデオ インタビュー

Doug Aldrich: The Guitar World Interview

Road Rash - Whitesnake

Your favorite guitar players tell their wildest road stories in this special video interview series.

The Guitar World Interview

Watch this video Q&A with hot-shot axman Doug Aldrich.

Rockum Radio Station

2008-05 インタビュー (MP3)


2008-05 インタビュー

45 minutes with doug aldrich, a metal7080 special presentation

Talking Metal

2008-05 インタビュー (MP3/iTunes)

Talking Metal Episode 205

Talking Metal Episode 205
iTunes / MP3
Hosts Mark Strigl and John Ostronomy talk and play Metal with Doug Aldrich of Whitesnake.

The Shropshire Star Newspaper

2008-05 記事&インタビュー

"I'm really proud of this album," says Aldrich, on the phone from his LA home, and only slightly distracted by his new puppy trying to get in on the conversation..... 続きを読む

Classic Rock Revisited

2008-05 インタビュー

Classic Rock Revisited May-1-2008

I did the best that I could on this project and it was a rewarding experience. I am just glad that it is over because it really kicked my ass.... 続きを読む

The Classic Metal Show

2008-04 インタビュー

2008-04 インタビュー

UOL Musica

2008-04 記事&インタビュー

UOL Musica 2008-04 Whitesnake

Whitesnake traz ao Brasil a turn? de "Good to Be Bad", primeiro ?lbum de in?ditas em 11 anos..... Leia o resto
Whitesnake brings to the Brazil tour of "Good to Be Bad," the first album of new compositions in 11 years..... 続きを読む

2008-04 インタビュー

I was playing in the band Dio with Ronnie James Dio...and the Scorpions came to Ronnie and said "We're doing this tour next year with Whitesnake. David Coverdale is reforming Whitesnake... 続きを読む

2008-04 インタビュー 2008-04

When I started working with him (Coverdale) in 2002-2003 (I was asked in later 2003 to join the band) I asked him what about recording? He said... 続きを読む

Tangra Mega Rock

2008-03 インタビュー

David's always writing songs. I'm always writing songs. We are always working on ideas... 続きを読む/聴く

2008-02 インタビュー

Good To Be Bad was a total commitment and very focused from the start... 続きを読む

2008年 雑誌


2008-09 海外ライヴリポート 6月26日 ロンドン 英国

Burrn! 2008-09

Exclusive Live Report:海外ライヴ・リポート

Def Leppard & Whitesnake

2008-06 インタビュー

Burrn! 2008-06


2008-07 インタビュー

guitar 7 / 08

The Classic-rock heroes bring Whitesnake after ten years of silence the new album 'Good To Be Bad' on the market - we have on the road and guitarist Doug Aldrich sound studio in his visit. The result is a workshop of the highest class!


2008 #1 インタビュー

ALLES80 - Issue 01/2008

30 years Whitesnake

The comeback after eleven years: Die Hard rockers present their new album "Good To Be Bad" and are currently on a world tour. The new guitarist Doug Aldrich in the interview.

Marshall LAW / Marshall Blog

2008-10-27 Doug Aldrich マーシャル

2008-04 インタビュー&記事 PDF JPN

The Aquarian

2008-04 インタビュー

Aquarian April 23, 2008 - Tokio Hotel Charming the Sonic Snake: PDF on

Young Guitar (毎月10日発売)

2008-05 インタビュー & Playing

Young Guitar 2008-05

Doug Aldrich:
Special Interview & Playing

本領発揮! 最強のケミストリー




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